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Communication to Stock Exchange

Reg 29- Outcome of BM- 03.08.2018

Publishing Record Date for Interim Div in Newspaper

CARE Rating Intimation-31.07.2018

BM Intimation-03.08.2018


Reg 32- Outcome of AC Meeting 29.05.2018

Reg 30- Outcome of BM- 29.05.2018

Resignation of Mr. Pankaj Gupta Kumar as an Independent Director.

Investor Presentation

Schedule of Analyst Institutional Investor

Reg 32- Outcome of AC Meeting

Commencement of its new Division.

BM Intimation- Allotment

Board Meeting Intimation – Preferential Issue

Clarification sought – Preferential Issue

Dispatch of EGM Notice – Preferential Issue

Form C- Insider Trading (Pledging)

Outcome of Board Meeting – Allotment

Outcome of Board Meeting – Preferential Issue

Proceedings of EGM & Scrutinizers Report

Reg 31- Takeover Disclosure (Pledging)

RTA Address

AGM & Book Closure Intimation

AGM & Book Closure Advertisement

Care Rating

Outcome of Board Meeting:

Reg 32- Statement of Variation

Re. 30- Purchase of Corporate Office

BM Intimation-03.08.2018

Dispatch of AGM Notice- 05.09.2018

Reg 31- Takeover Disclosure (Pledging) July 2018

Form C- Insider Trading (Pledging) July 2018

Allotment of Bonus Equity Shares-17.09.2018

Form C – Insider Trading (Pledging) Post Bonus 2018

Reg 31- Takeover Disclosure for Pledging Post Bonus 2018

Reg-30 Intimation to SE on Investors Con Call on 21.11.2018

Reg 31(1) & Reg 31(2)-  Richard and Dax

Form C- Insider Trading-  Richard and Dax

Reg 31(1) & Reg 31(2) – Dax 1,60,000 ES

Form C- Insider Trading – Dax 1,60,000 ES

Reg-30 Intimation to SE on Analyst Meet on 16.01.2019

Reg 31(1) & Reg 31(2) – Dax 2,40,000 ES

Form C- Insider Trading – Dax 2,40,000 ES

Intimation for Investors Meet 04.02.2019

Resignation of Independent Director -Savio wef 06.02.2019

Intimation of BWR ratings- 07.02.2019

Outcome of the Investors Meet- Investor Presentation- 06.02.2019

Reg-30 Intimation for withdrawal of CARE Rating on the request of the Company